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Your brakes are one of the most important parts on your car. You cannot afford to make any mistakes with your brakes and put you and your family at risk. Here at ABS Eltham we take the utmost care in completing the job correctly the first time. We use the highest quality new and re-manufactured brake parts. The replace parts and repairs are guaranteed for 12 months or 20,000kms nationwide!

Some of the brake services we cover for cars, van, buses, trucks or caravans:

  • Front and Rear Reline
  • Wheel Cylinder Replacement and Service
  • Disc and Drum Machining
  • Hydraulic Service
  • Disc Grinding
  • Caliper Servicing and Overhaul
  • Disc Rotors


1. Always replace pads or shoes in pairs.
2. Always have your brake fluid flushed and replaced every few months or 20,000kms.
3. Always bleed the brake system after any repairs to displace any air in the system.
4. Take care with brake fluid as it is a highly corrosive and will damage paint surfaces and allow rust to form.
5. Always check rubbers and hoses to ensure they are tight and leak free.
6. Replace at recommended intervals as leaking or porous materials will allow air and moisture into your brake fluid which will reduce performance and safety to dangerous levels.

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